The Cast and Crew: Nairobi

My time in Nairobi would not have been what it was without the presence of some truly inspirational and all-around awesome flatmates and friends. Since I will soon be ending my time in Kenya, I want to pay a special tribute to the key cast and crew that have made me laugh until my stomach hurt and dance until my legs could take it no more.

Claudia Badger

Claudia Badger was the final instalment in Dan Lei, arriving late February to complete an internship as part of her Masters. Voted ‘Coolest Chick of the Year in Perpetuity’ by yours truly, she is seriously one incredible, brilliant, and inspirational Lady!

Nationality: FRENCH-Canadian

Special skills: Being good at everything, including, but not limited to: trapping, skinning and cooking rabbit, laughing, saying ‘sorry’, partying late night with Feder, going on epic bicycle trips, making friends/people smile, cooking the best homemade everything (bread, pita, pizza – you name it!)

Best Quotes: On directing a taxi driver to a club, “Go downtown and turn left.”; “They [the airline] allowed 32 kilos, so I could bring as much maple syrup as I wanted!”;  “I think I have worms.”

Best Known For: Creating Pizza Fridays



Daniel finished his studies in Cape Town, South Africa and then moved to Tanzania for an internship after which he found himself in Kenya working on water policy reform. Daniel hearts Africa in a big way, as most clearly identified by his safari trekker and khaki closet.

Nationality: German

Special skills: Sunday brunches, learning to swear in English, following a strict and balanced schedule, leaving the city on the weekends, wooing the ladies without any attempt whatsoever – the man need stand in one spot for no more than five minutes before he is approached by a random beauty (which all the men hate and respect him for), planning the most excellent trips, speaking in idioms and phrases in rapid succession, examples include: “Don’t paint the devil on the wall”, “You can’t see beyond the rim of the plate”, “Still water runs deep”

Best Quotes: “This song is so nice. When played at the proper volume.”

Best known for: Gin and Tonics + Sundowners


After leaving Argentina, this epic outdoorsman went to Europe completing a Masters which allowed him to attend three different Universities across the continent. Intrigued by Africa, Feder ended up working in Kenya and has no current plans to leave.

Nationality: Argentinean

Special skills: climbing mountains (really BIG mountains), running around volcano craters, making avocado,  laughing at my Russian accent, running marathons, shaking it on the dance floor, Italian accents, planning rock climbing days, hiding his masterful dj-ing skills.

Best Quotes: “I think I make better first impressions than second.”

Best known for: Being awesome

Nikki Badger

This Master of Disaster, the Great Goon, arrived around the same time I did. Having met on a rock climbing trip early on, we have been the best of friends and provocateurs ever since.

Nationality: British

Special skills: Being involved in innumerable disasters (broken tooth, phone stolen from hand while in a taxi, sprained ankle, falling into a drainage hole (unrelated to the ankle), 2 car crashes within 24 hours, the list goes on…and on), hosting most excellent bbqs, making an entrance, high kicking, her awesome interior decorating, wake up/shake up, “shit stories”, 24 hour dependability, frequent gifts of wine and food.

Best Quote: “You are SUCH a dick!”

Best Known For: Being a Donkey Killer. Sorry love, but it’s true. But more importantly, creating the common term “Goon” to denote love. Right Nikki? That’s true riiight?

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